Privacy Policy

The Important of Your Privacy Policy to Us

The following information on privacy will give you a better idea of how Market Research Port collects and uses that information offered by the customer. The information will also tell you how the said information is stored securely by us. If there are any doubts or questions, please feel free to contact us.

How do we collect information from you?

We do it with the help of cookies. They allow Market Research Port to track the visitors to understand how much traffic every portion is getting. Moreover, by collecting online and physical contact information, we get to learn about the users’ needs and interests. By this manner, we can send information about our products and services to those who may find it relevant or important to their business.

Why do we need this Information?

The collected information is used to inform interested customers with our wide range of products and services such as replies to research queries, send samples or brochures, and help during the order process and completion.


Client information and personal data are kept secure and confidential by Market Research Port. We respect your privacy rights by keeping personal data information secured at all times to prevent any kind of misuse. Moreover, we also ask our third-parties to respect the information about our clients and to keep them secured at all times.

We also use security measures, along with advanced firewalls to prevent any form of unauthorized access which can be shared with others. We use encryption tools that are of the highest class to ensure third-parties do not gain access. However, based on how the information was transmitted to us, for that we cannot offer any protection guarantee. Market Research Port ensures of abiding the laws and regulations while conducting our business. However, we may be required to disclose client or personal information under certain circumstances without giving any notice. To unsubscribe, you can send us a written email where our team will ensure to do exactly that.

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