Refund or Cancellation Policy

The reports sold through our website are studies focused on specific market trends and conditions with predictions by subject experts. None of them have been conducted on any individual’s demand, and nor do we play the role of mediators for an organization or individual asking for such reports. Therefore, all this kind of owned by Market Research Report could be sold, anytime, to multiple clients.

All our products are completely information and knowledge-based. Therefore, once they are purchased by a client, the client is under no circumstances eligible for a refund or return of the product.

All studies, reports and research-based material, posted on Market Research Port’s website or stored in our online archives belongs solely to Market Research Port and is also wholly owned by the authors. Market Research Port reserves the right to modify, change, customize or add additional material based on the expert opinion of the in-house team.

It is the sole responsibility of the client (institutional and individual) to scrutinize the information of the product on the website before purchasing. It is not Market Research Port’s responsibility.

Please contact us for any help you might need in regards to any of our product on sale. Our in-house team will be happy to answer your queries, address your concerns, and clear your doubts.

Once you have purchased any study or report online from Market Research Port, you can expect delivery of the material within 24-48 working hours after the confirmation of your payment.